Where To Find FREE ATMs & Podcasts?

Where To Find ATMs & Podcasts For Free?

Curiosity started myself in the first place. I wanted more Feldenkrais material. More ATM (Awareness Through Movement) lessons to work with. I looked for information about the Feldenkrais method online for free download. Now I have created my own little blog post about where to find ATMs & Podcasts for free. In the late 90s … Read more Where To Find FREE ATMs & Podcasts?

Gift Ideas for Christmas & Other Occasions

Gift ideas for Tango & Feldenkrais

Are you looking for (Christmas) gift ideas for Argentine tango dancers, Feldenkrais lovers or do you wanna treat yourself? These gifts might be exactly what you are looking for in order to create happy faces under the Christmas tree. Argentine Tango Gift Ideas Why not give someone a special gift? Or simply treat yourself? Ask … Read more Gift Ideas for Christmas & Other Occasions

YouTube Channel Moving Experience

YouTube Channel Moving Experience

Welcome to my NEW YouTube Channel ‘Moving Experience’ I am pleased to be able to present my new YouTube Channel Moving Experience.  With the name change from tanzbar to Moving Experience I can now combine my three passions: Argentine Tango teaching, Tango DJ’ing and The Feldenkrais Method (an alternative to e.g. the Alexander Technique, Rolfing, … Read more YouTube Channel Moving Experience

Newsletter Feldenkraisausbildung Bern II

Der Newsletter der Feldenkrais Ausbildung Bern II

Feldenkrais Ausbildung Bern II (2013-17) Ausbildungsleitung Angelica Anke FeldmannOrganisation & administrative Leitung Verena Scheidegger In meiner Feldenkrais Ausbildung Bern II (2013-17) war ich als Mitglied des Technik Teams vor allem für die Audio-Aufnahmen zuständig. Nach jedem Segment mussten die bearbeiteten Aufnahmen der Talks, ATMs und FI Instruktionen an das Ausbildungsteam & die Mitstudenten versendet werden. Genau … Read more Newsletter Feldenkraisausbildung Bern II