Make Your Wellbeing Your Priority

Spend some quality time with yourself in the safety of your home while being with likeminded people learning together. In times when it seems more difficult to meet in person making friends and being with them is still important.

Create your own safe environment where you can enjoy the company and benefits of The Feldenkrais Method without compromising your own health and the health of your beloved ones.

In times with COVID19, taking care of your own well-being seems more important than ever!

Being able to live your life independently often gets compromised when the flexibility and mobility decreases. When daily life tasks becomes harder and more exhausting your can turn it around.

Improvement is always possible and the better you move the better you feel.

Moving Experience Has You Covered in 2021

Moving experience offers several online group classes during the week and the option for diving deeper into your learning with online private classes. Read more about Group Classes & Private Classes.

Gentle Floor Classes
Tuesdays 7.30 pm | Fridays 9.30 am

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais

Create your space on the floor. Listen to the movement explorations. Work in sitting, kneeling, lying or on all fours. Improve your mood and wellbeing.

in Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais

Classic Floor Classes
Wednesday 9.30 am | Thursdays 7.30 pm

Move Better with Feldenkrais

Roll out your yoga mat. Listen to movement explorations. Work in different orientations on the floor. Improve your mood and wellbeing.

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Das deutsche Online Feldenkrais Programm 2021

Ein sanfter Weg in die Feldenkrais Method
Wednesdays 5.30 pm = Mittwochs 18.30 Uhr

Feldenkrais am Mittwoch

Diese Serie von Feldenkrais Stunden zeigt die Vielfalt der Methode. Jede einzelne Stunde beschäftigt sich mit verschiedenen Aspekten von Bewegung. Es ist die deutsche Version der “Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais” Stunden.

Wir arbeiten in verschiedenen Positionen auf dem Boden. Diese Stunden sind insbesondere für Feldenkrais Anfänger geeignet.

ANMELDEN für Feldenkrais am Mittwoch

Klassische Feldenkrais Stunden auf dem Boden
Fridays 5.30 pm = Freitags 18.30 Uhr

Feldenkrais am Freitag

Diese Serie beschäftigt sich mit unterschiedlichen Themen und geht ein weniger rascher voran. Trotzdem sind Feldenkrais Anfänger herzlich willkommen. Dies ist die deutsche Version der “Move Better with Feldenkrais” Stunden. 

Im Januar/Februar beleuchten wir die Diagonalen im Körper. Wir arbeiten auf dem Boden in verschiedenen Positionen.

ANMELDEN für Feldenkrais am Freitag

What Students Have To Say

Finding the right teacher when you want to learn something new or improving your skills can take time. Hearing about the experiences of other students helps. Those testimonials hopefully give you a better impression of what to expect when working with me.

What Moving Experience Stands For

Looking for an alternative to Yoga and Pilates? Try The Feldenkrais Method and learn to dance, play sports and simply move with ease.

The Feldenkrais Method® lets you experience your own potential by exploring your body through gentle movements. You can improve your movements and (re)gain comfort and ease.

Searching for an EASY way to learn Argentine Tango? Get beyond figures and discover the magic of this social and improvised dance. 

In my tango teaching I concentrate on smaller elements in tango from which more complex patterns are constructed. This opens up the possibilities of freedom of improvisation to the music and within the constraints of the social dance floor. 

Since 2008 I have performed more than 600 sets at Tango marathons, Tango festivals, Encuentros and milongas in twenty three countries and more than 110 cities.

Listen to my music online at The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social.
Think of it as a cross between a milonga and a great cafe where all your friends go. Best of all, you can join in wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Trying something new comes often with a bunch of questions. I hope this collection of Questions & Answers around The Feldenkrais Method and Argentine Tango will answer most of them. 

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