Embrace change easier

Move Better. Feel Better. Stay Mobile in your body & mind

Spend some quality time with yourself in the safety of your home while being with likeminded people learning together. In times when it seems more difficult to meet in person making friends and being with them is still important.

Choose between several online Feldenkrais group classes in English and German during the week and the option for diving deeper into your learning with monthly Feldenkrais workshops and online private classes.

Move Better. Feel Better. Stay Mobile.

The Online Feldenkrais Program from January 2022

Start the new year with the best intentions and take care of yourself. Improve your wellbeing and realise your dreams. The better you move the better you feel.

Skip the stressful commute to your in person classes and use these hours on yourself instead. Meet like minded people while calming your mind and working out from home. Be surprised about the positive effects on your life. Eight weeks of transforming Feldenkrais classes start from 11th January 2022.

Beweglich bleiben im Körper & Geist

Das deutsche Online Feldenkrais Programm ab Januar 2022

Es ist nie zu spät neue Wege zu finden, um Deinen Alltag zu erleichtern. Gönn Dir eine Stunde mit Dir selbst zu Hause ohne Anfahrtsstress und Parkplatzsuche.

Wer Spass daran hat zu Neues über sich zu entdecken, der ist in meinen zwei deutschsprachigen Online Feldenkrais Kursen genau richtig. Wir starten in der zweiten Januarwoche in die neue Saison. Acht Wochen lang gehen wir auf Entdeckungsreise und zwar immer mittwochs & freitags um 18.30 Uhr.

Move Better. Feel Better. Stay Mobile.

Calm down your nervous system, relax and get ready for 2022.

If your shoulders, back or pelvis are in need of special attention, these 3 weeks are for you. Two English classes on Tuesdays & Wednesdays plus one German class (Mittwoch).

Online Feldenkrais Workshops

Feldenkrais at the Weekend!

Treat yourself. Recharge at the weekend. Work out from home. Meet likeminded people.

Spend 90 minutes discovering new movement patterns. Calm yourself down and get grounded a good way. You will work out your body and mind in a very different way to the usual exercising classes. Be prepared to see a different result.

Turn Your Life Around!

Online Feldenkrais Private Classes are effective for learning and changing habits, and they are particularly effective when combining them with online group classes & workshops.

Read about my students Feldenkrais Success Stories to find out working with me in this kind of set up would work for you.

Mini Feldenkrais Lessons

Explore The Feldenkrais Method

Try for yourself and start with my Email Series of Mini Feldenkrais Lessons. Each Friday I am sending out short movement explorations to help you move & feel better.

How to get them? Simply join my mailing list and I will drop a lesson into your inbox every Friday. Choose Feldenkrais or Feldenkrais & Tango for the reason you are joining.

Bärbel & Christina are talking about Tango and Feldenkrais at the ConmotoPetersen Podcast

Feldenkrais & Tango – A Good Combination?

The ConMotoPetersen Podcast gives an overview about the vast variety of Feldenkrais Practitioners and their personal approach to this fascinating method as well as clients speak about their experiences too.

In July 2019 I was invited to speak about my two passions Feldenkrais & Tango. During the interview I am leading a Mini ATM for you to try out. Enjoy!

Virtual Milongas Rock!

Connect with your tango friends from near and far away, to listen to brilliant tango music and maybe even to have a dance or two.

All music comes together during the milonga and we love to include your musical suggestions as well. It’s fun!

The event is free but donations will make it possible for us to continue.

What Students Have To Say

Finding the right teacher when you want to learn something new or improving your skills can take time. Hearing about the experiences of other students helps. Those testimonials hopefully give you a better impression of what to expect when working with me.

More Feldenkrais Success Stories & Testimonials

What Moving Experience Stands For

Looking for an alternative to Yoga and Pilates? Try The Feldenkrais Method and learn to dance, play sports and simply move with ease.

The Feldenkrais Method® lets you experience your own potential by exploring your body through gentle movements. You can improve your movements and (re)gain comfort and ease.

Searching for an EASY way to learn Argentine Tango? Get beyond figures and discover the magic of this social and improvised dance. 

In my tango teaching I concentrate on smaller elements in tango from which more complex patterns are constructed. This opens up the possibilities of freedom of improvisation to the music and within the constraints of the social dance floor. 

Since 2008 I have performed more than 600 sets at Tango marathons, Tango festivals, Encuentros and milongas in twenty three countries and more than 110 cities.

Listen to my music online at The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social.
Think of it as a cross between a milonga and a great café where all your friends go. Best of all, you can join in wherever you are.

Join the Moving Experience community and get free Mini Feldenkrais Series directly into your inbox. You won’t miss out on FREE Taster Classes and other special offers. No matter if you are into Tango or Feldenkrais you are very welcome.