The Magic Roundabout Online Milongas 2022

The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social (virtual tango event) runs roughly once a month for people who like traditional tango music.

Since May 2020 the Magic Roundabout Milongas have been online to cater for the need for good traditional tango music and social interaction. We named it The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social. Three hours of tangos with tandas in threes and the opportunity to request your favourite song too. Catch up with your friends via the chat function of zoom.

The Magic Roundabout Milongas

If you enjoy listening and dancing to music from the Golden Age of Tango in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, then you will like The Magic Roundabout Milongas. We believe that the details make a difference to your (dance) experience. In the virtual world we invite you to our Zoom meeting where you can see the other participants, interact with them visually or via the chat function and of course you are connected to our music stream.

Join alone, with your partner or even organise your own little practica/milonga to our music. The only limit is the number of devices allowed. At the moment we are having the limit set to 100 but if the interest is there we will increase the number again. Best to register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment later.

The MAGIC online milonga dates for you in 2022

The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social

3 hours with tango music in tandas of three

  • 20 March – DJ Bärbel Rücker
  • 24 April – DJ Paul Strudwick

Join our community in the FB group The Magic Roundabout Milongas and share the fun.

What is the cost of the virtual milonga?

The milonga is free to join, donations welcome via and will keep us running. Consider a regular milonga entrance fee per person in your country. We are saving you a lot of travel. 😉 If you rather want to do a bank transfer in GBP or EUR get in touch with Paul via to get the details.

If your financial situation is tight pay us via Social LOVE

Our magic DJs

Paul Strudwick and Bärbel Rücker share the DJ duties, choosing from the rich heritage of tango to provide music you won’t be able to resist dancing to.

Occasionally there will be guest DJs for special events.

So far following DJ’s have been with us at our regular tango events choosing the music for you:

  • Mabel Gomez (Cardiff, UK), 
  • David Thomas (TangoJourney, UK),
  • Michael Lavocah (UK),
  • Theresa Faus (DE) &
  • Marek Szotkowski (Star Dance Cardiff, UK).

Take a look! Video snippets of our Milongas

Lovely memories of some of our milongas can be found on my YouTube Channel in my YouTube playlists:

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