The Magic Roundabout Milongas ONLINE 2021

The Sunday Social

Since May 2020 the Magic Roundabout Milongas have been online to cater for the need for good traditional tango music and social interaction. We named it The Magic Roundabout Sunday Social. Three hours of tangos with tandas in threes and the opportunity to request your favourite song too. Catch up with your friends via the … Read more

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2020

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2020

The Magic Roundabout Milonga organises Argentine tango dance events for people who like traditional tango music. Six years ago I became a part of the Magic Roundabout Milongas team. Since then there have been Magic Roundabout (MR) Milongas in Bristol (Almondsbury), Tidenham Chase, Kington Langley and Lydney. Since May 2020 the Magic Roundabout is online! The … Read more

Winter Tango Lillehammer with DJ Bärbel

Winter Tango 2020

In March 2020 I will be DJ’ing again together with my partner Paul Strudwick at the Winter tango 2020 in Lillehammer. This tango weekend is organised by Sissel Berg and TangoBanco, the tango club in Lillehammer. The event is described as followed: “Winter tango, which will take place at the Hornsjø mountain resort 6-8 March, … Read more

OsterTango Festival Basel with DJ Bärbel

International OsterTango Festival

The unique OsterTango Festival in Basel combines a marathon and festival and takes place in the Volkshaus in the center of Basel.  Some of the best tango couples are offering workshops & seminars and dancing at the BIG festival milongas at Volkshaus. Beside the teachers Tango Schule Basel always invites tango orchestras to play a … Read more

Kellertheater Milonga in Winterthur mit DJ Bärbel

DJ Bärbel @ Kellertheater Milonga Winterthur

Die Kellertheater Milonga in Winterthur ist in den letzten Jahren ein fester Bestandteil meines Tango DJ Kalenders geworden. Auch nach Abschluss meiner 4-jährigen Feldenkrais Ausbildung in Bern hoffe ich auf weitere Besuche in Winterthur. Darum freue mich schon jetzt darauf, Euch mit meiner traditionellen Musik-Auswahl zu verwöhnen. Wer meinen nächsten Besuch nicht verpassen möchte, der … Read more

Burley Milonga & Workshop with Bärbel

Dance better with Feldenkrais at Burley

After a successful October Burley Milonga & Pre-Milonga Feldenkrais workshop I will be back in Burley in February 2020. This time I am presenting: Dance Better with Feldenkrais – Pre-Milonga Workshop before DJ’ing the milonga.  This was my view from the DJ desk in October 2019 : VIDEO.  Burley Milonga & Workshop A magical Burley … Read more

Tango Feast Devon with Bärbel

Dance Better with Feldenkrais

I am very much looking forward to my next Tango Feast. In the Christmas edition 2019 I will have the pleasure to teach two Feldenkrais workshops. Get in touch in case you are interested in private lessons with me for Tango or Feldenkrais on Saturday/Sunday.  My Tango Feast Program in detail Saturday 7/12/2019 12:50-13:50 pm … Read more

Tango La Boca Bochum mit Bärbel

Tango La Boca Bochum

Die Tangoschule Tango La Boca Bochum unter der Leitung von Esther Szirniks hat schon lange einen festen Platz in meinen Tango Aktivitäten in Deutschland. Auch nach der Übernahme des Tango La Boca’s von Walter Reetz und seiner Partnerin Lara Anfang Juli 2019 wird es weiterhin Events mit mir am DJ Pult geben. Ebenso geplant sind … Read more

mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge mit Bärbel

Tango im mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge

Das mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge unter der Leitung von Christel Schulte hat einen festen Platz in meinem Tango- und Feldenkrais Kalender. Seit 2013 komme ich ins mach was und lege auf den Milongas auf und unterrichte. Hier gab es auch das erste Tango DJ Projekt und 2017 das Seminar: Tango, Tandas & Technologie – Seminar für Tangomusik … Read more

Hereford Tango Tea Dance with DJ Bärbel

Hereford Tango Tea Dance

Hereford Tango Events by Catherine Lusher organises once a month the Hereford Tango Tea Dance at Breinton Village Hall. For the fourth time I’ll have the pleasure to play my selection of the best traditional tango tunes on Sunday, 14th July 2019. You’ll find videos from my DJ sets for Hereford Tango Events on my Youtube … Read more