Moving Experience is Open

We're Open

OPEN is the magic word today in the UK. Actually for me (Bärbel Rücker) aka Moving Experience it’s more an OPEN AS USUAL. My Feldenkrais Group and Private Classes and Workshops will continue being online on Zoom. Actually I never stopped teaching my Feldenkrais classes. Only my Argentine Tango classes and workshops had to. Since … Read more

Burley Milonga & Workshop with Bärbel

Dance better with Feldenkrais at Burley

After a successful October Burley Milonga & Pre-Milonga Feldenkrais workshop I will be back in Burley in February 2020. This time I am presenting: Dance Better with Feldenkrais – Pre-Milonga Workshop before DJ’ing the milonga.  This was my view from the DJ desk in October 2019 : VIDEO.  Burley Milonga & Workshop A magical Burley … Read more

Tango Feast Devon with Bärbel

Dance Better with Feldenkrais

I am very much looking forward to my next Tango Feast. In the Christmas edition 2019 I will have the pleasure to teach two Feldenkrais workshops. Get in touch in case you are interested in private lessons with me for Tango or Feldenkrais on Saturday/Sunday.  My Tango Feast Program in detail Saturday 7/12/2019 12:50-13:50 pm … Read more

Tango La Boca Bochum mit Bärbel

Tango La Boca Bochum

Die Tangoschule Tango La Boca Bochum unter der Leitung von Esther Szirniks hat schon lange einen festen Platz in meinen Tango Aktivitäten in Deutschland. Auch nach der Übernahme des Tango La Boca’s von Walter Reetz und seiner Partnerin Lara Anfang Juli 2019 wird es weiterhin Events mit mir am DJ Pult geben. Ebenso geplant sind … Read more

mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge mit Bärbel

Tango im mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge

Das mach was in Lüdenscheid-Brügge unter der Leitung von Christel Schulte hat einen festen Platz in meinem Tango- und Feldenkrais Kalender. Seit 2013 komme ich ins mach was und lege auf den Milongas auf und unterrichte. Hier gab es auch das erste Tango DJ Projekt und 2017 das Seminar: Tango, Tandas & Technologie – Seminar für Tangomusik … Read more

Milonga Cambalache & Workshops with Bärbel

Milonga Cambalache with Tango DJ Bärbel Rücker

Sheffield here I come! This time it is not for DJ’ing at the monthly milonga Cambalache but for teaching & DJ’ing at the 1st Tango Festival in Sheffield. I am very much looking forward to DJ the opening night milonga at the The Sheffield Tango Festival and to present the power of the Feldenkrais Method … Read more

Newland Village Room Charity Event 2018

Newland Village Room Charity Event 2018

After the successful first Newland Village Room Charity Event 2017, we will do it again. On Saturday, 16th June 2018 you’ll have the chance to find out more about my Tango & Feldenkrais activities in Newland at the Newland Village Room Charity Event 2018. Schedule Newland Village Room Charity Event The schedule for the 2nd Newland … Read more