The unexpected benefits of Feldenkrais

Are you into swimming, running, cycling, walking or dancing? Are you looking for ways to improve your performance?

The Feldenkrais Method is beneficial when it comes to learning new things and to become better at it. But unfortunately the Feldenkrais Method itself seems to be a well kept secret. Hopefully stories like the following one will help to bring awareness to this powerful work.

I am sharing today the success story of one of my online Feldenkrais students. Jack is reflecting on:

  • his journey to learn Argentine tango,
  • how much my Feldenkrais classes have helped him and
  • what else these lessons have changed for him.

Thank you Jack for letting me share your story.

Jack’s Tango & Feldenkrais Journey

I started dancing tango a little over two years ago and during the course of my learning I noticed that I needed to put in additional work on my alignment, balance, flexibility, and control. During that time I was at a practica in the Bristol area and ran into Bärbel. I mustered up the courage to dance with her and was stunned by the level of balance and control she possessed and how she was able hold her frame and move with such relaxed power and precision. THIS was what I was looking for. So when the opportunity came for me to start Feldenkrais with her, I jumped at it. 

The sad coincidence of this opportunity with the series of lockdowns has meant that I can only work on solo technique, but that was probably the kind of intensive practice I needed to get better without the distractions of social dancing and the awareness of how I organize my body that I have gotten from Feldenkrais have been a game changer in my solo practice. I honestly expected that, it was exactly what I came for. However, what I didn’t expect was the new awareness of how my thinking would change and the impact that would have on my everyday life and specifically my approach to practicing. 

My natural inclination is to meet frustration by pushing harder. When things go badly, I put in more effort, and all too often this has led to some dissatisfying results, sometimes even injuries. I have found that Feldenkrais is demanding and challenging. Bärbel has demanded that I seek the easy way. She has challenged me to let go of the idea that pushing harder will produce better. If I want to appear effortless, it’s better to practice moving with less effort than to take the “swan” approach—looking graceful to the outside world while kicking frantically underneath the water.

There’s nowhere in the embrace to hide and if I cannot find a way to organize, stabilize, and move my body without working so hard, I’ll not achieve the progress I seek. My sessions with Bärbel remind me of this and give me a chance to work on it and recognize the progress I make, in her words I can “stop. And notice what is different. See if I can make it easier, smaller.”

The fit between tango and Feldenkrais has been ideal for where I’m at and where I want to go. Thank you, Bärbel!

Jack [January 2021]

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Bärbel Rücker, UK guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner

After 4 years of Feldenkrais Practitioner Training in Switzerland I am a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2017. Since then I am sharing my knowledge about this amazing method in private classes, group settings and online.

To keep myself up to date, I regularly participate in advanced Feldenkrais Trainings in Europe. As much as possible I am joining the daily Feldenkrais practitioner study-group “An AY a Day” for my own development. Being a student myself helps me to relate better to my students and keeps me grounded.

I am looking forward to explore the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method with you.