When breathing becomes easier

So here comes another of my success stories which could only happen because of teaching Feldenkrais online. Seeing these results encourages me to continue and to widen my offers to help others as well. Maybe they do the same to you. 

Early on in my Online Feldenkrais teaching days J. found me. She is based in Oxford, UK. That’s normally too far away to join weekly Feldenkrais classes in person in the Forest of Dean but now these classes are only one click away.

When lockdown started in the UK I had to close down my little studio at Taurus Crafts, Lydney. Instead I was looking for different ways to help more people to stay safe at home and still improving their health and mobility. The idea of seated morning classes came to life and J. was one of the first participants who took me up on this offer. 

This is her story from her first months of joining my Online Feldenkrais classes shared with me in May 2020. Since then she has been a regular in my floor classes at least once a week. All possible thanks to the internet.

Thank you J.!

When Breathing Becomes Easier Again

“I find myself during the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic with the unexpected joy of discovering Bärbel Rücker generously developing her Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes online.

I have loved Feldenkrais for some time and Bärbel’s warm hearted and clear guidance as she teaches each class, enable a deeper relaxation so that exploring the subtly of my movement becomes possible.

I appreciate her detailed and clear teaching and her balance of calm, kind presence. Her interesting vignettes about anatomy, dance and Moshé Feldenkrais root and enliven Bärbel’s teaching.

There is opportunity for people who like it, to share their experience at the end of the lesson and this enriches the experience as the participants get to know each other.

Having recently recovered from a serious pneumonia myself with the expertise and compassion of the NHS, I am very grateful I could include Bärbel Rücker’s Feldenkrais to the team of wonderful bodymind support I have created around me.

Feldenkrais has helped me clear my lungs to support my recovery and also help clear the residual fear I held there from such a frightening illness.

Bärbel’s knowledgeable Feldenkrais teaching and compassionate welcome has helped me recover my full movement and evolve into a deeper and more loving experience of being in my body.”

J., Oxford [May 2020]

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Are you getting curious yourself? 

Why not give it a try yourself. I encourage you to join us for the sake of improvement of mood and wellbeing. The online group classes will definitely influence your life in a good way. For example if you are into dancing, golfing, riding, skiing you could be blown away by the positive side effects. And in the end it’s a great thing to do in the upcoming months.

Check out my online group classes & online private classes.

Whatever theme the courses focus on, the speciality of Feldenkrais is that it is including the whole body and mind. Nevertheless I have chosen themes for the courses to support a specific outcome and to make it easier for you to relate to this body-mind-work. 

And NO, these are not the usual Zoom meetings! Therefore point your camera towards you so I can guide you through the classes. As my instructions are verbal you do not need to look at the screen. No one does except me. Create your own safe space at home and make your wellbeing your priority.

Thank you so much for reading through and supporting me to build an online community. It is a blessing to be able to change peoples life for the better via the internet.