Feldenkrais Testimonials

I have been a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2017 and I offer Feldenkrais Group Classes (Awareness Through Movement classes) and Feldenkrais Private Classes (Functional Integration).

Here are some of the testimonials I have received from my Feldenkrais students over time.

Side effects of my (online) Feldenkrais classes

Every Feldenkrais lesson has a beginning, middle and end. But the effects of these movement explorations can continue to surface even after the class. There is never ONE thing which needs to happen or needs to be felt by everybody. You will have your own sensations and over time you will get better at noticing the small or big changes your body made during the lesson.

They can be very small or even unexpected. Like the ones Christine is sharing. She is a long time student of mine and made the transition from in person classes to my online classes in March 2020. For a long time she was even doing Feldenkrais five to six times a week.

Can online classes create a feeling of community?

Building a community through my work as a movement teacher (Feldenkrais & Argentine Tango) comes as a result of many hours of classes, workshops and private classes. Especially since moving my Feldenkrais activities on Zoom the after class socials became a important part. 

Before, lockdown classes stopped more or less on time, as the room was hired only a certain amount of time. Students had to rush home and face easily a more than 40 minutes drive. 

How easy is it now to simply get up from the floor. To grab a cup of tea or a glass of water and to join the social from the comfort and safety of your own house. It definitely gives me a better feeling as well to know you’re able to concentrate on your own sensations and experiences without needing to function in traffic.

General testimonials about the online classes

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Feldenkrais testimonials while I was running in person classes

Since 2017 I have been running in person classes in The Forest of Dean area. I started in the charming Newland Village Room and moved later to Taurus Crafts. When the pandemic hit I moved all my activities online on Zoom and expanded.

The following testimonials are from my students joining my live in group classes and occasional workshops.

Feldenkrais & Tango Testimonials

The Feldenkrais Method is highly beneficial when it comes to body awareness and movement. In some places I have already offered combined Feldenkrais & Tango classes or specific Feldenkrais classes for tango dancers. Here are some of the feedback I’ve gotten afterwards.

Feldenkrais Success Stories

More Feldenkrais on Moving Experience