Ten reasons why you should try Feldenkrais classes live on Zoom

After one of my live Feldenkrais classes on Zoom a student of mine was anxiously asking if I would continue to offer online Feldenkrais classes. She thought once Covid restrictions disappear, so would my online classes. 

There was a big sigh of relief when I said I am planning on continuing my online teaching activities as I find this medium so helpful to bring Feldenkrais to you wherever you are in Europe. 

In our after class social she was telling the story of her being at a Feldenkrais weekend workshop in Munich and telling the fellow students about her positive experiences with my online courses. Nearly all the participants were sure that live Zoom classes weren’t for them. Probably without even trying this new format. 

“Nothing is permanent about our behaviour patterns except our belief that they are so.”

Moshé Feldenkrais

Like her I find the online format brilliant and I have used it since 2017 for my own Awareness Through Movement practice and education and you might have guessed, I love teaching online as well. 

Here are ten good reason to try Feldenkrais classes live on Zoom:

  1. You don’t need much time as your home becomes the studio.
  2. ATM lessons can have curious effects on you and you can’t predict if this lesson will make you incredibly tired or energise you. It’s a good safety net that you are already home and won’t need to face a long drive home.
  3. No extra transportation costs when signing up for a class. No petrol, no parking, no public transportation fees.
  4. The audio recordings are available for purchase. Revisiting your favourite class is no problem.
  5. If life gets in the way you can easily reschedule and swap to another weekday.
  6. In case of travels and holidays you can take your course with you. As long as you have the internet you’re good.
  7. You can join a class together with a friend of yours which doesn’t even need to live in the same city or country. 
  8. No worries about covid and the current regulations.
  9. Enjoy as much garlic as you want in your meals.
  10. All your pets are welcome. 

I am sure there are even more, but these came quickly to me. 

How open are you to try something new?

If you now feel the urge to try for yourself for the very first time then I do have a gift for you.

Can I tempt you to give Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons live on Zoom a try?

A free taster class * is waiting for you. Get in touch via email info@movingexperience.eu and book your free taster class. Choose between Move Better / Stay Mobile / Feldenkrais am Mittwoch / Feldenkrais am Freitag.

* Only available for new online students.

If you know you want the benefit of doing weekly Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes you can equally register for my ongoing weekly courses. Welcome!

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