Do you know her? The beginning of a Tango DJ Career

Let me tell you the story of how a Tango DJ career started.

Once upon a time there was a tango dancer. Since she took her first steps in 1997 she was hooked. Completely in love with the dance and the music.

About one year in she started leading as well. Thrilled by the option to express the music as a follower and as a leader. Being at a milonga (festival, marathon, practica) meant for her: dancing as much as possible. Sitting down was only for putting on the shoes or changing them.

No way could she imagine herself sitting down all night instead of dancing.

One day around Christmas time a tango friend called.

The planning for the next Tango festival in May 2008 had just started. He was in charge of organising the DJ’s. This festival had the tradition to feature local Tango DJ’s in the afternoon. For the big nights they invited the big DJ names at that time.

So he asked the question:

Would you like to play the music at one of the 6 hour long afternoon milongas?

He assured her that he trusted in her musicality and her ability to pull it off.

She said: YES, thank you!

By that time she had already danced for 10 years.

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
Lewis Carroll

Five months later it happened. She found herself seated behind the DJ desk at this buzzing afternoon milonga at the International Copenhagen Tangofestival.

The response from the dancers was very positive. A few weeks later she actually got her first invitation to DJ in Norway at the first edition of the Bergen Tango Marathon (Nov. 2008).

It was thrilling for her to find yet another way of sharing her love for Argentine Tango besides dancing and teaching (since 1998).

Of course she knew that every new skill needs time and practice to develop. She was looking for some guidance and created other opportunities to DJ. Providing music at different milongas and practicas helped her to get more confident before travelling for tango DJ’ing the first time.

And the rest is history.

Have you guessed who she is?

Yes, it’s my story about how I got started to become a Tango DJ.

Since then I have played more than 600 DJ sets in milongas, festivals, marathons & encuentros. I have done so in twenty three countries and over 110 cities around Europe.

Bringing the best possible music to the crowd at the venue is a great pleasure. It’s not happening by chance. It’s based on hard work and endless hours spent dancing yourself, listening to music and working your own tango library.

I can help you to improve your own Tango DJ performance. In 2018 I already successfully coached a Tango DJ in Australia via Zoom.

Now I am offering again online DJ Coaching sessions via Zoom.

Get in touch if this could be interesting for you. Send an email to if you have any questions regarding my activities. Email is THE WAY to communicate with me. 

The world of tango is in need of proper Tango DJ’ing.

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