Feldenkrais ATM Classes

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Feldenkrais ATM Classes

Feldenkrais ATM (Awareness Through Movement) classes are non-strenuous and suitable for all ages.

You don’t need to bring a partner to attend ATM group classes.


For the highest benefit it’s recommend taking the full course. If you prefer a more flexible approach the ATM classes are available as drop-in classes too.

Get in touch if you wanna join a running course.

Equipment & Clothing

  • Please bring a big blanket or a Yoga mat + big towel. A lot of the lessons will be on the floor.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable and warm clothes. The Village Room has a very spacious toilet where you could change if needed.
  • No shoes needed. An extra pair of warm socks is recommended.

Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI)

Get in contact if you are interested in one to one Functional Integration lessons.

Feldenkrais Calendar

The calendar shows Feldenkrais classes (ATM) & booked private classes (FI) with the certified Feldenkrais Practitioner Bärbel Rücker. 

Please check time zone shown in the left lower corner!

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