Online Feldenkrais January 2022

Start the new year with the best intentions and take care of yourself. Improve your wellbeing and realise your dreams. As Moshé Feldenkrais himself says: “Correcting the self-image is more useful than correcting a single action.”

Just because you can’t come to me, doesn’t mean I can’t come to you! Skip the stressful commute to your in person classes and use these hours on yourself instead. With a few clicks your home becomes your Feldenkrais studio.

Meet like minded people in the Online Feldenkrais classes while calming your mind and working out from home. Pick the course(s) which suits you best. Be surprised about the positive effects on your life when joining more than one class per week.

Online Feldenkrais Courses

Eight weeks of transforming live online Feldenkrais courses start from 11th January and run until 4th March 2022. Each class is a stand alone class involving movement explorations in different orientations on the floor.

These online Feldenkrais classes are not the usual Zoom meetings! Point your camera towards you so I can guide you through the classes but my instructions are verbal and you do not need to look at the screen. No one does except me. Create your own safe space at home and make your wellbeing your priority.

After each class we are having a little social where you can ask questions and share your discoveries with your classmates.

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais (8 week course)

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais [dt. Feldenkrais am Mittwoch] will bring you original Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons Moshé Feldenkrais has been teaching to the general public. Learn to move from the inside out.

Move Better with Feldenkrais (8 week course)

Move Better with Feldenkrais classes [dt. Feldenkrais am Freitag] will present you with interesting Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons based on the material of one of Moshé Feldenkrais’ training programs. They will help you to explore different ways of being in the world, finding new movement and thinking patterns and enable you to adapt better to the challenges your life is throwing at you.

Book your course(s)

(1) Decide to have fun and pick the course(s) which suits you best. 

You can book directly by clicking on “REGISTER” or “ANMELDEN”. The confirmation email will include the link for the Zoom meetings and the option to add them to your electronic calendar.

  • BASIC – One 8 week course = one weekly online lesson on a fixed weekday. £80 / 96 EUR
  • SUPER – Two 8 week courses = two weekly online lessons on fixed weekdays. £120 / 144 EUR
  • PREMIUM – All available 8 week courses = Access to all weekly online lessons in English & German. Including the download of all audio recordings at the end of the season. £160 / 192 EUR

It has shown to be beneficial to combine both classes (Stay Mobile & Move Better). With the PREMIUM offer you can join all classes plus you’ll get the audio recordings as a download as well.

(2) Make the payment for the amount of weekly classes you are planning to take before attending the classes.

You can choose to make the payment:

  • [preferred] via bank transfer [in GBP or EUR]. Drop me a line via and I’ll send you my English [GBP] or German [EUR] bank details.
  • via PayPal [in GBP or EUR].  When paying by PayPal please avoid the ‘goods and services’ option, as this costs me a fee. Thanks.

(3) Register for my newsletter as all communication regarding classes will happen via email.

If you are already subscribed, I recommend adding to your address book and to do the necessary steps to white list me to make sure my messages can reach you.

(4) See you at the class.

You can easily get access to the internet via a computer, tablet, or a smartphone. Using Zoom is free for you but I recommend updating your Zoom App regularly on your device(s). Allow yourself a few minutes before the class starts to settle in. I usually start the meeting 10 minutes ahead of time. You can find some set up tips for online classes on my blog post.

In case of further questions check out my FAQ section below or send me an email to (No worries if you can’t find the Umlaut. You can use ae instead of ä: Baerbel.) 

The Online Feldenkrais Schedule from 11th January 2022

Your opportunities to improve your wellbeing and to ease the aches and pains are as follows. All times are shown in GMT Greenwich Mean Time. Follow the links to the Zoom registration page.


  • 9.30 am – Private Class – booked
  • 11.00 am – Private Class – booked
  • 5.30 pm – Private Class
  • 7.30 pm – Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais





  • 2.00-3.30 pm – Online Feldenkrais Workshop [4th Saturday/month, 17 December 2022]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In case of further questions send an email to (No worries if you can’t find the Umlaut. You can use ae instead of ä: Baerbel.) 

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