Unlock Your Pelvis – Mini Feldenkrais Series #03

Unlock Your Pelvis

How is your lower back today? Unlock your pelvis and find out how many of your activities will benefit from the increase of flexibility. We often refer to the pelvic region as our power centre and when finding better ways of moving it will have some positive effects on other parts of our body as well. … Read more

Happy Feet – Mini Feldenkrais Series #02

Happy Feet

How are your feet today? Give your feet the attention they deserve and you will stand, walk, run, dance and keep your balance better. Using my short Feldenkrais lessons will support you and your feet on this journey. Below you’ll find the five lessons from my Happy Feet – Mini Feldenkrais Series #02. “Many people have … Read more

Free Your Shoulders – Mini Feldenkrais Series #01

Free Your Shoulders

I don’t know about you but I can often feel some tension creeping up in my shoulders after hours in front of a computer screen. Of course as a Feldenkrais practitioner I have the tools to help myself and others softening the shoulders and to get the body in gear. Therefore I started a newsletter … Read more