Questions & Answers – Argentine Tango FAQs

Trying something new comes often with a bunch of questions. I hope this collection of Questions & Answers around Argentine Tango will answer most of them. 

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ARGENTINE TANGO – Questions & Answers

#1 What should I wear for a Tango class?

There is no dress-code. Wear comfortable clothes which allows you to move freely.
It’s so simple like that.  

#2 What kind of shoes should I wear?

In the beginning light outdoor shoes with smooth non-grip soles are good. They should fit tightly around your foot.
Another good option is to bring 1-2 extra pairs of thick socks. Dancing in socks helps to feel the floor and to loosen the fear of hurting each other in case you would step onto each others toes. 

#3 Do I need to bring a dance partner?

NO you don’t have to bring a dance partner to Moving Experience’s tango classes.
In the tango classes I encourage to swap partners to enhance the learning process so no one has to sit out. 

#4 Am I to old to learn Argentine Tango?

No one is too old to learn to dance. As long as you can walk alone you can learn to walk together in an embrace.
Learning a new skill will keep you on your toes and has several benefits. It might take a bit longer but as long as you bring your curiosity and a positive attitude the tango will embrace you. 

#5 Do I have to remember long sequences?

NO. Dancing Argentine Tango socially is improvisation to music. You’ll learn small patterns to navigate on the dance floor. 
Starting this way opens up the possibilities of freedom of improvisation to the music and within the constraints of the social dance floor. I especially focus on the body awareness and the quality of the movement so that the communication in the couple becomes clear and the embrace comfortable. 

#6 Can I learn Tango with two left feet?

YES. As long as you are curious and open to learn you will be surprised what dancing can do to your life. 

#7 Do I need to be flexible to dance Argentine Tango?

NO. In social tango you are walking together in an embrace to the music. Posing and acrobatics belong to stage tango.
In my tango classes I focus especially on the body awareness and the quality of the movement so that the communication in the couple becomes clear and the embrace comfortable. That also can influence your flexibility in a positive way. 

#8 Does it help to have danced before?

Dancing Argentine Tango is like speaking a (body) language. The first one is the hardest to learn.
Everybody has his own learning curve. Knowing other dances can be helpful but on the other hand strong movement patterns can get in the way of this improvised dance. 
Come and start your own tango journey with me. 

Questions & Answers Argentine Tango #9

#9 Why should I learn Tango with Bärbel?

Bärbel (Moving Experience) creates a friendly relaxed learning environment. With over 20 years experience of teaching & dancing tango as well as her Feldenkrais background those lessons reflect back into your daily life. 

Learn Argentine Tango with Bärbel: Group classes . Workshops . Private classes.

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