Online Feldenkrais Courses

Get ready and join the Online Feldenkrais courses in September/October 2021. Meet lovely people in the Online Feldenkrais classes while calming your mind and working out from home. It’s time to make your wellbeing your priority. Pick the course(s) which suits you best. Be surprised about the positive effects on your life when joining more than one class per week.

Course Program September/October 2021 on Zoom: Eight weeks of transforming Online Feldenkrais courses starting from 31st August and running until 22nd October 2021.

These are the information you’ll find here:

Are you looking for a weekly workout class with a little extra?

The BASIC Package allows you to join one weekly online lesson on a fixed weekday.

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais [dt. Feldenkrais am Mittwoch] offering you a gentle introduction to the Feldenkrais Method. Learn to move from the inside out. Each class is a stand alone class involving movement explorations in different orientations on the floor and in standing.

Move Better with Feldenkrais classes [dt. Feldenkrais am Freitag] will present you with classical Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons. They will help you to explore different ways of being in the world, finding new movement and thinking patterns and enable you to adapt better to the challenges your life is throwing at you. You will be working on the floor in different orientations.

Or are you ready to make bigger changes in your life?

The Feldenkrais Method is more than a simple movement class. When life gets difficult the body responds with tension and maybe even pain. Then you know some bigger changes are needed. Changing habits is difficult and often it seems easier to turn to medication. Side effects not counted in.

Working the Feldenkrais way can change your way of thinking and open doors for you. But habits take long to establish. To turn them around you will need to invest some time as well.

Start with the SUPER Package and join two online Feldenkrais Classes per week on fixed week days. That will give you a good foundation.

If you really mean it pick the PREMIUM Package and join as many Feldenkrais Classes per week as you can fit into your busy life. As a bonus you’ll get the audio recordings of the course as a download for further learning.

Not sure if Feldenkrais is something for you?

Get in touch via email and arrange your drop in class. That’s a simple and easy way to find out if you could change your life with Feldenkrais.

The Online Feldenkrais course program in September/October 2021

These Online Feldenkrais Classes are not the usual Zoom meetings! Point your camera towards you so I can guide you through the classes but my instructions are verbal and you do not need to look at the screen. No one does except me. Create your own safe space at home and make your wellbeing your priority.

After each class we are having a little social where you can ask questions and share your discoveries with likeminded class mates.

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Tuesday evenings 7.30 pm

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais

“Gentle Body & Mind Workout”

8 weeks, starting 31 August 2021

Wednesday afternoons 5.30 pm/
Mittwoch abends 18.30 Uhr

Feldenkrais am Mittwoch

“Sanfter Workout für Körper & Seele”

8 weeks, starting 1 September 2021/
8 Wochen, ab 1. September 2021

Thursday evenings 7.30 pm

Move Better with Feldenkrais

“Awareness Through Movement”

8 weeks, starting 2 September 2021

Friday mornings 9.30 am

Move Better with Feldenkrais

“Awareness Through Movement”

8 weeks, starting 3 September 2021

Friday afternoons 5.30 pm/
Freitag abends 18.30 Uhr

Feldenkrais am Freitag

“Bewusstheit durch Bewegung”

8 weeks, starting 3 September 2021/
8 Wochen, ab 3. September 2021

The Online Feldenkrais Course Schedule

Your opportunities to improve your wellbeing and to ease the aches and pains are as follows. All times are shown in BST British Summer Time & GMT Greenwich Mean Time.

Tuesday | Dienstag

  • 7.30 pm – Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais

Wednesday | Mittwoch

  • 5.30 pm – Feldenkrais am Mittwoch

Thursday | Donnerstag

  • 7.30 pm – Move Better with Feldenkrais

Friday | Freitag

  • 9.30 am – Move Better with Feldenkrais
  • 5.30 pm – Feldenkrais am Freitag

Saturday | Samstag

Sunday | Sonntag

Book your course

You can book directly via the link “Join the course” under each course description. The English confirmation email with the link for the Zoom meetings will include information about the payments. You’ll find information about the PRICING on my page.

In case of further questions check out my FAQ section below or send me an email to (No worries if you can’t find the Umlaut. You can use ae instead of ä: Baerbel.) 


Under PRICING you’ll find all information on prices of drop in classes, 8 week courses, private classes, packages and occasionally offers too. It has shown to be beneficial to combine both classes. With the PREMIUM offer you can join all classes plus you get the download as well.

Bärbel Rücker, UK Guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner

After 4 years of Feldenkrais Practitioner Training in Switzerland I am a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2017. Since then I am sharing my knowledge about this amazing method in private classes, group settings and online.

To keep myself up to date, I regularly participate in advanced Feldenkrais Trainings in Europe. As much as possible I am joining the daily Feldenkrais practitioner study-group “An AY a Day” for my own development. Being a student myself helps me to relate better to my students and keeps me grounded.

I am looking forward to explore the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method with you.

Helpful tips to get started on Zoom

Zoom has been proven to be a brilliant platform on which I am able to bring The Feldenkrais Method to you. It not only allows me to watch you carefully during the class it also offers several ways of how we can interact with each other. All knowing we are safe but not alone.

Many of my students have had their first encounter with Zoom when joining one of my online Feldenkrais classes. Once you have tried it you’ll see it becomes easier and it’ll open doors to other encounters.

Using Zoom is totally free for you. Having a personal Zoom account (FREE) can help you in the daily use of the program but is not obligatory.

Try out Zoom here Their help pages make the setting up process easy. Anyway I recommend to read through my blog post: How to best set up for online exercise classes.

The set up with a camera allows me to observe your movements and to guide you safely through gentle exercises. Verbal feedback supports the process. Thanks to the internet and the functionality of Zoom I am able to offer you the audio recordings of the group classes. They are included in the PREMIUM Package and can be purchased as well. Plus the geographical location is no longer an obstacle!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)