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Weekend Tango Workshops in The Forest of Dean

Argentine Tango Workshops offer you the possibility to work on specific aspects of your tango dancing. They are ideal for those of you who can’t make it to the regular tango courses. You are welcome to join if you are already dancing, but want to explore ‘the other role’ or simply get a make over on your tango basics.

I highly recommend to try out ‘the other role‘ yourself and enhance your dance the clever way! That means for the follower to learn the basics of leading and for the leader to learn the basics of following. This will strengthen your tango technique and widen your understanding of the communication in the dance. Of course this is first of all a practice setting and not an obligation to dance socially the other role too. It’s fun though!

Besides teaching my workshops in The Forest of Dean I am travelling across the UK and abroad for DJ’ing as well as for teaching.

These workshops have been happening before the lockdown:

  • Argentine Tango WS in the Parkend Memorial Hall
  • Beginners Tango Crash Courses in the Parkend Memorial Hall

Tango Workshops elsewhere

The following Tango & Feldenkrais workshops are in cooperation with other tango organisers in the UK and Germany:

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Dancing Argentine Tango is like speaking a language of the body, which the partners use to relate to both each other and the music.

My upcoming and past Tango Workshops

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