Börsencafe Neuss mit DJ Bärbel Rücker

Tango in Neuss mit DJ Bärbel

Neuss tanzt Tango und zwar im Börsencafe. Hin und wieder sorge ich für gute traditionelle Tango Musik und inspiriere mit meinem Unterricht. Mein letzter Besuch war Anfang des Jahres 2019! Am ersten Donnerstag des Jahres werde ich dann wieder für excellente traditionelle Musik sorgen. Die Praktika wird dann von Walter Reetz (Tango Z) geleitet, der … Read more

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2019

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2019

The Magic Roundabout Milonga organises Argentine tango dance events for people who like traditional tango music. Five years ago I became a part of the MR Milongas team. Since then there have been Magic Roundabout (MR) Milongas in Bristol (Almondsbury), Tidenham Chase, Kington Langley and Lydney.   Lovely memories of some of our milongas can be … Read more

Tango DJ Bärbel on Tour in Europe

Tango DJ Bärbel on Tour

Since April 2008 I have been enjoying DJ’ing for tango dancers around in Europe. I have been in charge for the music at many tango festivals and festivalitos, tango marathons, encuentros and local milongas. To many places I’ve had and still have the pleasure to return several times. So far I have been visiting twenty … Read more