The Milonga Guide : Codigos de la Milonga / The Tango Etiquette

A new series of posts to help you navigate at milongas (tango dance events). Every Monday in the Forest of Dean TANGO FB group and afterwards added to this blog post. The excellent drawings are from Les Pas Parfait, a group of dancers and organisers from Montréal. All those basic rules get covered in my tango classes … Read moreThe Milonga Guide : Codigos de la Milonga / The Tango Etiquette

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2019

The Magic Roundabout Milongas 2019

The Magic Roundabout Milongas organises Argentine tango dance events for people who like traditional tango music. Five years ago I became a part of the Magic Roundabout Milongas team. Since then there have been Magic Roundabout (MR) Milongas in Bristol (Almondsbury), Tidenham Chase, Kington Langley and Lydney.   Lovely memories of some of our milongas can be … Read moreThe Magic Roundabout Milongas 2019

Burley Milonga & Workshop

Pre_milonga Feldenkrais Workshop

I will be back at the Burley Milonga in April 2019. After the successful pre-milonga workshops ‘Tweaking your Tango’ I will be presenting: Move Better with Feldenkrais – Pre-Milonga Lesson before the milonga. Afterwards I will be picking the music for a magical afternoon.  In December 2014 I was enjoying the Burley Tango Festive SPECIAL … Read moreBurley Milonga & Workshop

The Magic Roundabout Tango Marketplace

Tango Marketplace

Since I started Litter Picking in The Forest of Dean (see blog post Litter Picking Is Cool) I am even more interested in the opportunity of reuse and recycle. The obvious solution was to start The Magic Roundabout Tango Marketplace for Tango Shoes, Clothes, Books and more. It’s time to de-clutter your tango wardrobe. Bring … Read moreThe Magic Roundabout Tango Marketplace

Kellertheater Milonga in Winterthur

DJ Bärbel @ Kellertheater Milonga Winterthur

Die Kellertheater Milonga in Winterthur ist in den letzten Jahren ein fester Bestandteil meines Tango DJ Kalenders geworden. Mein nächster bestätigter DJ Termin in der populären MontagsMilonga in Winterthur ist der 29. April 2019. Ich freue mich sehr darauf Euch mit meiner traditionellen Musik-Auswahl zu verwöhnen. Von einigen meiner bisherigen DJ Sets gibt es sogar … Read moreKellertheater Milonga in Winterthur

Hereford Tea Dance

Hereford Tango Tea Dance

Hereford Tango Events by Catherine Lusher organises once a month the Hereford Tea Dance at Breinton Village Hall.  For the fourth time I’ll have the pleasure to play my selection of the best traditional tango tunes on Sunday, 14th July 2019. You’ll find videos from my DJ sets for Hereford Tango Events on my Youtube Channel … Read moreHereford Tea Dance

Cambalache – Milonga & Workshop in Sheffield

Milonga Cambalache with Tango DJ Bärbel Rücker

Next visit to Sheffield : Primavera Tango Festival 2019  I am very much looking forward to DJ the opening night milonga at the The Sheffield Tango Festival and to present the power of the Feldenkrais Method in my two Tango & Feldenkrais workshops on Saturday & Sunday! I am looking forward to return to Sheffield’s … Read moreCambalache – Milonga & Workshop in Sheffield

Tango DJ Bärbel on Tour in Europe

Tango DJ Bärbel on Tour

Since April 2008 I have been enjoying DJ’ing for tango dancers around in Europe. I have been in charge for the music at many tango festivals and festivalitos, tango marathons, encuentros and local milongas. To many places I’ve had and still have the pleasure to return several times. So far I have been visiting twenty … Read moreTango DJ Bärbel on Tour in Europe

Tango La Boca Bochum

Tango La Boca Bochum

Die Tangoschule Tango La Boca Bochum unter der Leitung von Esther Szirniks hat einen festen Platz in meinen Tango Aktivitäten in Deutschland. Mehrere Male pro Jahr habe ich das Vergnügen auf den beliebten Milongas aufzulegen. Hin und wieder gibt es auch spezielle Tango Workshops von mir. Der letzte Workshop zum Thema Grounding & Balance war … Read moreTango La Boca Bochum

Börsencafe Neuss – Milonga

Tango in Neuss mit DJ Bärbel

Schön war’s im Oktober 2018 in Neuss. Nach meiner eher ungewöhnlichen Praktika mit dem Fokus auf die Qualität der Bewegung, insbesondere bei Pausen und Gewichtswechseln, hatte ich Freude die traditionelle Milonga zu gestalten. Vielen Dank für die vielen positiven Rückmeldungen. Ich komme wieder und zwar Anfang des Jahres 2019! Am ersten Donnerstag des Jahres werde … Read moreBörsencafe Neuss – Milonga