Dance at The MR Milongas

The Magic Roundabout (MR) Milongas are informal milongas with traditional music and cortinas, in TTVTTM format. They are organised by Paul Strudwick & Bärbel Rücker.

Paul Strudwick and Bärbel Rücker share the DJ duties, choosing from the rich heritage of tango to provide music you won’t be able to resist dancing to.

Occasionally there will be guest djs for special events. So far Mabel Gomez (Cardiff, UK) and David Thomas (TangoJourney, UK) have been with us choosing the music.

Curious to see how magic happens?
You’ll find The Magic Roundabout Milongas on YouTube:

Milonga Calendar

The calendar shows The Magic Roundabout Milongas events: 

  • The Sunday Service Milonga & Practica in Lydney,
  • The Seasonal Sunday Milongas in Kington Langley and 
  • The Double Bill Milongas in Kington Langley.

 Please check time zone shown in the left lower corner!

Venues of The Magic Roundabout Milongas

Kington Langley Village Hall

Kington Langley Village Hall, Church Road, Kington Langley, Chippenham, SN15 5NJ

  • The Magic Roundabout Milongas

Watney Hall, 3 Hill Street, Lydney

Watney Hall, 3 Hill Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire. GL15 5HW

  • Sunday Guided Practica
  • The Magic Roundabout Milongas

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