Litter Picking In The Forest Of Dean

Litter Picking In The Forest Of Dean

Walking in The Forest of Dean (FOD) is a brilliant way of relaxation. But all the left overs of others are annoying. I will from now on walk with a glove and bags to collect the rubbish and clean the forest while doing my work out. Starting today (22nd January 2018)!

What I have learned so far:

  • Dog owners are good in bagging their best friends pooh. Leaving the bag with the pooh in the woods doesn’t make it better though!
  • It’s recommended to wear gloves when picking up litter!
  • Textile bags are specially good for cans, plastic bottles and glas and can easily be reused many times!
  • Sorting into cans, plastic bottles and glass = recyclables and waste = all the rest (e.g. crisp bags, sweets rapping paper) makes life easier when you sort your founds at home.
  • Take +1 plastic bag with you. You never know how much litter you will find on your way.

What are your favourite tips to make litter picking cool?

I will be posting my findings on Instagram, my Facebook page ‘Moving Experience’ and in this gallery. 

Litter Picking Is Cool - Results From The FOD

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