Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais ONLINE

Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais

Take care of your own well being and free your neck & shoulders. Get rid of the tension which comes from stress or the many hours spent in front of the screen. At the same time calm down your nervous system and feel more grounded. The Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais Online Classes will help you … Read more Stay Mobile with Feldenkrais ONLINE

Beweglich bleiben mit Feldenkrais ONLINE

Beweglich bleiben mit Feldenkrais Online Stunden mit Bärbel

Es geht weiter mit meiner Serie von Online Feldenkrais Stunden im Sitzen. Diese Stunden sind speziell darauf ausgerichtet Eure Beweglichkeit zu verbessern und konzentriert sich auf Elemente die Euch hoffentlich helfen können COVID-19 zu überstehen. Diese Beweglich bleiben mit Feldenkrais Lektionen sind hervorragend geeignet für Personen ohne Feldenkrais Erfahrung oder mit eingeschränkter Beweglichkeit. Grundsätzlich gilt: … Read more Beweglich bleiben mit Feldenkrais ONLINE

Move Better with Feldenkrais ONLINE

Move better with Feldenkrais Online Classes with Bärbel

In times with COVID-19 taking care of your own well-being seems more important than ever! The better you move the better you feel and the UK is slowly coming out of the lockdown it’s time to get ready for more walking and hopefully even dancing! Therefor the following 6 week Feldenkrais Online Courses starting in … Read more Move Better with Feldenkrais ONLINE

How to best set up for online exercise classes

How to best get ready for online exercise classes

In the current situation a lot of group exercise classes are now available as online exercise classes. That’s great when you should stay at home to safe lives. But suddenly turning your own home into a fitness or yoga studio might create some problems. Since the middle of March 2020 I am teaching several Feldenkrais Awareness … Read more How to best set up for online exercise classes

Questions & Answers – The Feldenkrais FAQs

Questions & Answers

Trying something new comes often with a bunch of questions. I hope this collection of Questions & Answers – The Feldenkrais Method are able to answer most of them.  Please get in contact via email if you are missing the answer(s) to your question(s). THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD – Questions & Answers #1 What should I wear … Read more Questions & Answers – The Feldenkrais FAQs

Feldenkrais Testimonials

Feldenkrais Testimonials

Since 2017 I am a guild certified Feldenkrais practitioner and offering Feldenkrais Group classes (Awareness Through Movement classes) and Feldenkrais Private classes (Functional Integration). Here are some of the feedback I have gotten from my Feldenkrais students. I hope you’ll find the Feldenkrais testimonials helpful. Looking for an alternative to Yoga and Pilates? Try The … Read more Feldenkrais Testimonials

Recovering from Trauma – Feldenkrais Success Story #1

Recovery from Traum with Feldenkrais

Working with The Feldenkrais Method comes with many challenges and rewards. Helping a person to find more options and opportunities, to change their habits and growing their curiosity are only some aspects of it. Learning to learn takes some time and patience but the results are astonishing. One of my first long term students was … Read more Recovering from Trauma – Feldenkrais Success Story #1

ConmotoPetersen Podcast: Feldenkrais & Tango – a good combination?

Bärbel & Christina are talking about Tango and Feldenkrais at the ConmotoPetersen Podcast

Thank you Christina Petersen Mihresel for the opportunity to present me and my passions on your ConmotoPetersen Podcast. It was my first time ever I was featured on a podcast and after saying YES to it I had enough time to get nervous about it. On Saturday 7th July 2019 we made it happen and … Read more ConmotoPetersen Podcast: Feldenkrais & Tango – a good combination?

Feldenkrais Literatur auf Deutsch

Feldenkrais Literatur

Auch auf dem deutschen Buchmarkt finden sich zahlreiche Bücher von Moshé Feldenkrais und über seine Feldenkrais Methode. Unter anderem von Autoren wie Alfons Grabher, Thomas Hanna, Frank Wildman, Wim Luijpers, Roger Russell, Norman Doidge, Ruthy Alon, Edward Yu, Yochanan Rywerant, Eli Wadler und Hanna Margarete Schilling. Einige der Links sind Affiliate Links. Natürlich gibt es auch andere … Read more Feldenkrais Literatur auf Deutsch

Quotes by Moshe Feldenkrais

Quotes by Moshe Feldenkrais

Are you in love with The Feldenkrais Method? I am and I love the quotes by Moshe Feldenkrais too.  Moshé Feldenkrais has come up with a lot of brilliant material for thought and practice. With remarkable quotes. See the list below. The Feldenkrais Method gains publicity and more and more practitioners worldwide offering Awareness Through … Read more Quotes by Moshe Feldenkrais